A text mining based application for cultivated plants

You have been invited to complete this questionnaire. We thank you in advance for taking a few minutes to answer the questions. 

Plant selection involves a huge amount of knowledge about the underlying biological mechanisms that control a given phenotype. A large part of this knowledge is described in the free text of scientific papers and database fields. The OpenMinTed project aims to assist all research stakeholders with their text and data mining needs. With this survey, we would like to understand how the text services, hosted and provided by the OpenMinTeD infrastructure, can support you in accessing information on genes of interest in literature and databases and linking it to the other bodies of knowledge.

See more for the OpenMinTeD EU project on its Web site.

This survey takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. Only the questions with an * are mandatory. For any question or feedback, please contact : Sophie AUBIN (sophie.aubin@versailles.inra.fr), Claire NEDELLEC (claire.nedellec@jouy.inra.fr).