Questionnaire on data management in Community Seed Bank

H2020 - Diversifood project


This questionnaire is part of the DIVERSIFOOD project. DIVERSIFOOD is an international project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme. It aims to enriching the diversity of cultivated plants through a multi-actor approach. More information here:

Within the work done to better understand informal seed systems and in particular community seed banks (CSB), Réseau Semences Paysannes (RSP) has prepared this survey about tools used to manage information and data within seed networks, CSB or associations.


In the first phase, this survey is addressed to organisations partners of diversifood project in order to have a clear picture of the different tools used by partners. In the second phase, the survey will be open to other organisations according also to the work done regarding task 4.2.

This questionnaire aims to know your organisation (section 1), how do you deal with your data (section 2), what are your needs regarding data management (section 3) and what are your internal rules regarding data management (section 4).

There are 52 questions in this survey.